SavvyCards® are shareable, customizable webcards optimized for mobile phones. They can be created for yourself and your properties.

Some of SavvyCard's benefits include:

SavvyCards are Made for Mobile

Marketing for mobile is more important everyday.

Buttons Make it Easy to Use

Your potential clients can reach out you
with the Call, Text and Email buttons.

Share Your SavvyCard by Text or Email

No more waiting for people to go to your website -
Now your SavvyCard mobile Website goes to them

SavvyCards Spread Virally

When you share your SavvyCard with someone, they
can use the Share Button to send it to someone else,
growing your network virally.

SavvyCards Revolutionalize the Referral

Your potential clients can reach out you
with the Call, Text and Email buttons.

Unleash the Power of
Your New Mobile Marketing Tool

Upgrade your free card and go from...

$249/Initial Build & Set-Up
$9.50/Monthly Membership
  • Background removal for your professional photo.
  • A fully customized background with your company logo.
  • Property Card Mobile Website for all of your listings.
  • Search Engine Optimization for your SavvyCard.
  • Social Media Blast of your SavvyCard.
  • Live phone support and training so you can get the most out of your SavvyCard.

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Background Removal

We will remove that pesky background from your photo so you can be placed seamlessly onto one that best represents you!

Get Customized

We will add your logo to your SavvyCard and after a discovery chat with one of our representatives,
our designers will create a custom background that fits your brand.

Property Cards

Create mobile websites for any
property on the MLS

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optmization

Your SavvyCard can be optimized to improve it's ranking in search results. We've got SavvyCards ranking number 1 in organic results. Our S.E.O. experts will help you choose the right keywords to target and we'll optimize your card for those keywords.

Get ranked on
search engines!

Powerful Training

Access to Powerful Training Videos

Learn how to best harness the power of your Realtor and Property cards! Our training videos will get you up and running in no time.


Plus receive 1 hour of live
phone support!

Join now to supercharge your mobile marketing and referral generation!

$249/Initial Build & Set-Up
$9.50 Monthly Membership [Annual Discounts Apply]